How Do We Do It?

Celebrity Events

Let us plan and organize a celebrity event for your company or organization!


Does your company have an open position? Our network of pre-verified contacts will fast- track the hiring process.

Inspirational Speaking

My goal here is to share my amazing experiences & “SHOW” people how to LIVE life with Enthusiasm, Passion, Leadership Skills & Self Discipline.

Web Marketing

Now more than ever before, potential new customers evaluate a business based on their website. Need help building a better one? Our team can help!


Meet Tim Tyrrell

I have always been grateful to have the opportunity to pursue my dreams. Prior to joining the “real world”, I played 7 years in the NFL as a Fullback/Special Team’s Captain for the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was honored to be voted Special Teams Player of the Year, NFL Runner-Up for Special Teams Player of the Year, NFL Pro-Bowl 1st Alternate two years in a row, and Special Teams Player of the Year with the Los Angeles Rams. Now I want to take all the networking and leadership skills I’ve gained from my experiences and pay it forward!

“The excitement and thrill before kickoff in an NFL football game is absolutely unexplainable unless you have been there. 30 years later, I am just as intense for helping businesses grow. This will be an experience like NO other consultant has ever delivered…”

The History of Success

Other Areas of Expertise


Voltz Energy

Tired of paying high energy bills? We can save your business tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands on your energy expenses.

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Internet Marketing Experience

Are you having problems with your current website developer?  If so, we can help!  My trusted team will not disappoint…

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Autobahn Country Club

Are you a high performance driving enthusiast? If so, reach out and schedule a tour of the Autobahn track. Talk cars with our members and tour realty options!

Don’t Talk It, Live It!

It’s been so great getting to know Tim Tyrrell! He is so much fun to be around, and he takes a very rare, genuine interest in truly getting to know the people around him. I had a blast having lunch with him – I hope to again soon!

Jasmine W.

We had the pleasure of having Tim Tyrrell speak at our school’s fundraiser this past spring. The kids really absorbed the passion and energy in his speech and were so excited to meet him afterwards. It was definitely an event to remember. Thanks Tim!

Teacher A.

What Are We Up To?

More Activity = More Sales!

We’d love to see you at any of our upcoming events:


Not Your Average Consultant!

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Must-Know Event Planning Tips

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